Funeral Season EP

by Michael Cantor

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Recorded at home, August 2013.


released August 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Michael Cantor Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Funeral Season
I remember you in dreams
you and your twin were still alive
your voice still ringing out on the machine
remnants of a disconnected life

I remember you in dreams
the dinner right before your funeral
accounts to close/to sell/to give away
remnants of a disconnected life
Track Name: Crossed Out
holes in the windows where the wind slips through
my hands grew numb from the cold and turned blue
I couldn't make a fist to punch out
the lights glowing over my head
as I sleep

sleeping through winter and feeling sick
waking up at daybreak and nothing fixed
I couldn't pick up a pen to write down
a crossed out sense of self sinking in

I couldn't feel the frosted pillow on my head
as I lie away shivering in my bed
Track Name: Disrepair
No one's going to catch you falling out of place
with cautionary tales of emotional disgrace
idealism fails in a world that never cared
solitary diamonds to rough to take beautiful shapes

lead like a horse to water with sand trapped in its throat
forced to kneel in silence here at the castle moat
chaos surrounds life in a world that's never fair
nature's morbid tendency to drift everything to disrepair